PGS Sample Set (PSS): PSS000451

Phenotype Chronotype was assessed using a singl self-evaluatation question from a shortend version of Horne and Ostber'gs MEQ (sMEQ) on chronotype. The sMEQ included 6 items (items 4,7,9,15,17 and 19) from the original MEQ. The answers were scored according to the scoring of the original MEQ. For the single self-evaluation question item 19 was used. The question was used as a binary varable in which those who replied either "rather more an evening than a morning type" or "definitely an evening type" were regarded as evening types, and those who replied "definitely a morning type" or "rather more a morning type than an evening type" were regarrded as morning types.
Sample Ancestry European (Finnish)

Sample Numbers

Total number
8,433 individuals
Detailed numbers
4,674 cases (55.43%)
3,759 controls
47.78% Male samples
Number of Cohort(s) 1
Sample distribution
Sample gender distribution


Cohort Short Name Cohort Full Name Previous/other/additional names (e.g. sub-cohorts)

Additional information

Included participants from the National FINRISK 2007 and 2012 studies