PGS Sample Set (PSS): PSS000974

Phenotype Cases are individuals with breast cancer. 1380 of these are male breast cancer cases and 1671 are female breast cancer cases
Sample Ancestry European

Sample Numbers

Total number
5,714 individuals
Detailed numbers
3,051 cases (53.4%)
2,663 controls
48.07% Male samples
Number of Cohort(s) 4
Sample distribution
Sample gender distribution


Cohort Short Name Cohort Full Name Previous/other/additional names (e.g. sub-cohorts)
B58C British 1958 Birth Cohort Study
COH City of Hope Cancer Centre
UK-BCN-MBCS UK Breast Cancer Now Male Breast Cancer Study
UKBGS UK Breakthrough Generations Study

Additional information

Additional male breast cancer cases were recruited from the University of Leeds, the University of Cambridge.