PGS Sample Set (PSS): PSS007661

Phenotype For the CHILD Cohort Study, atopic dermatitis (AD) was from physician diagnosis at the one year follow-up. AD severity was defined as mild if there is a single site or no more than 2 sites, minor symptoms (little itching/rubbing), minor crusting and papules, not excoriated or oozing, not needing frequent medical attention; was defined as moderate if symptoms are neither mild nor severe or; was defined as severe if there are multiple sites, with extensive crusting or papules or excoriations or oozing or lichenification, sleep loss, needing frequent medical attention, and is a major concern to parents. In the SLSJ Cohort, atopic dermatitis was self-reported and considered as positive if past or present occurrence was reported. For children, cross validation was done using questionnaires filled by their parents. Moreover, validation in medical records of these self-reported phenotypes were done for a subset of the SLSJ Cohort (n = 217), giving 89% concordance.
Sample Ancestry European, South East Asian, East Asian, South Asian, African American or Afro-Caribbean, Native American, Greater Middle Eastern (Middle Eastern, North African or Persian), Hispanic or Latin American, Not reported

Sample Numbers

Total number
676 individuals
Detailed numbers
61 cases (9.02%)
615 controls
42.0% Male samples
Age of Study Participants
  • Mean : 9.0 years
  • Range : [0.0, 87.0] years
Number of Cohort(s) 2
Sample distribution
Sample gender distribution


Cohort Short Name Cohort Full Name Previous/other/additional names (e.g. sub-cohorts)
CHILD CHILD cohort study
SLSJ Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean asthma study

Additional information

Also used to evaluate the PRS_atopicDermatitis for other diseases of the atopic march: food allergy, allergic asthma and rhinitis. Only unrelated individuals were selected for analyses.