The Polygenic Score (PGS) Catalog

An open database of polygenic scores and the relevant metadata needed to apply and evaluate them correctly.

The catalog currently contains 36 PGS for 12 traits, and encompasses data from 24 publications. In the current PGS Catalog you can find the scores and metadata through the following:

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Features Under Development

  • Including more PGS & developing a deposition interface. In its current pilot stage the catalog includes a smaller exemplar set of traits and PGS (see catalog inclusion criteria). The PGS Catalog is not limited to these traits - we plan to actively curate PGS for inclusion while also developing an interface in which authors can deposit PGS or PGS evaluations using a standard template.
  • Search functionality and better integration of the trait ontology. The catalog will be fully searchable, and use the trait ontology to provide PGS for related traits.
  • Better download & programmatic access to the catalog. The main goal of the catalog is to distribute the scores and their annotations in a consistent and easy to use format. We will customize our download formats, and functionality (mostly likely a cart/checkout model, and API) based on user feedback.
  • PGS Harmonized to Current Genome Builds. Currently PGS provided through the database are described by standard column names & descriptions, along with the genome build it was developed with (if known). In the future we plan to harmonize all PGS across genome builds to reduce ambiguity.

Feedback & Contact

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To submit a PGS to the catalog, provide feedback, or ask questions please contact the PGS Catalog team at


The development of the PGS Catalog has been supported by:

University of CambridgeEMBL-EBIHDR-UK (Cambridge)Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute