PGS Publication: PGP000301

Publication Information (EuropePMC)
Title Genome-wide association study reveals novel genetic loci: a new polygenic risk score for mitral valve prolapse.
PubMed ID 35245370(Europe PMC)
doi 10.1093/eurheartj/ehac049
Publication Date March 4, 2022
Journal Eur Heart J
Author(s) Roselli C, Yu M, Nauffal V, Georges A, Yang Q, Love K, Weng LC, Delling FN, Maurya SR, Schrölkamp M, Tfelt-Hansen J, Hagège A, Jeunemaitre X, Debette S, Amouyel P, Guan W, Muehlschlegel JD, Body SC, Shah S, Samad Z, Kyryachenko S, Haynes C, Rienstra M, Le Tourneau T, Probst V, Roussel R, Wijdh-Den Hamer IJ, Siland JE, Knowlton KU, Jacques Schott J, Levine RA, Benjamin EJ, Vasan RS, Horne BD, Muhlestein JB, Benfari G, Enriquez-Sarano M, Natale A, Mohanty S, Trivedi C, Shoemaker MB, Yoneda ZT, Wells QS, Baker MT, Farber-Eger E, Michelena HI, Lundby A, Norris RA, Slaugenhaupt SA, Dina C, Lubitz SA, Bouatia-Naji N, Ellinor PT, Milan DJ.
Released in PGS Catalog: April 1, 2022

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Polygenic Score ID & Name PGS Publication ID (PGP) Reported Trait Mapped Trait(s) (Ontology) Number of Variants Ancestry distribution
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PGP000301 |
Roselli C et al. Eur Heart J (2022)
Mitral valve prolapse Mitral valve prolapse 1,097,364

Performance Metrics

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PGS Performance
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Performance Source Trait PGS Effect Sizes
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Other Relevant Information
PPM012925 PGS002271
European Ancestry|
393,229 individuals
PGP000301 |
Roselli C et al. Eur Heart J (2022)
Reported Trait: Risk of mitral valve prolapse AUROC: 0.6614 [0.641, 0.6819] Age, sex
PPM012924 PGS002271
European Ancestry|
393,229 individuals
PGP000301 |
Roselli C et al. Eur Heart J (2022)
Reported Trait: Risk of mitral valve prolapse AUROC: 0.6772 [0.6563, 0.6982] Age, sex, hypertension, all-cause heart failure, myocardial infarction, and diabetes (Type 1 and Type 2)]

Evaluated Samples

PGS Sample Set ID
Phenotype Definitions and Methods Participant Follow-up Time Sample Numbers Age of Study Participants Sample Ancestry Additional Ancestry Description Cohort(s) Additional Sample/Cohort Information
PSS009620 MVP was defined according to contemporary echocardiographic society guidelines as leaflet displacement ≥2 mm beyond the mitral annulus in a long-axis view at end-systole involving one or both MV leaflets when raw imaging data were available for review or via electronic medical record search for MVP diagnosis using ICD and procedure codes or natural language processing
  • 691 cases
  • , 392,538 controls
European UKB