The Polygenic Score (PGS) Catalog

An open database of polygenic scores and the relevant metadata required for accurate application and evaluation.
Available tool: pgsc_calc
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What is a PGS?

A polygenic score (PGS) aggregates the effects of many genetic variants into a single number which predicts genetic predisposition for a phenotype. PGS are typically composed of hundreds-to-millions of genetic variants (usually SNPs) which are combined using a weighted sum of allele dosages multiplied by their corresponding effect sizes, as estimated from a relevant genome-wide association study (GWAS).

PGS nomenclature is heterogeneous: they can also be referred to as genetic scores or genomic scores, and as polygenic risk scores (PRS) or genomic risk scores (GRS) if they predict a discrete phenotype, such as a disease.

About the PGS Catalog

The PGS Catalog is an open database of published polygenic scores (PGS). Each PGS in the Catalog is consistently annotated with relevant metadata; including scoring files (variants, effect alleles/weights), annotations of how the PGS was developed and applied, and evaluations of their predictive performance.

More about the PGS Catalog project, descriptions of the data, and publication eligibility criteria can be found in our documentation and recent preprint.


Bulk downloads of PGS metadata and scoring files (variants, effect alleles/weights) needed to calculate PGS on your own data are available from the website and FTP.

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Programmatic access to the Catalog data through our REST API.

Command line download via the pgscatalog_utils Python package.

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To submit a PGS to the catalog, provide feedback, or ask questions: contact the PGS Catalog team at!

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Development of the PGS Catalog is supported by:
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