Trait: Ischemic stroke

Trait Information
Identifier HP_0002140
Trait category
Other trait
Synonyms Ischaemic stroke
Mapped term(s) 2 mapped terms
  • SNOMEDCT_US:422504002
  • UMLS:C0948008

Associated Polygenic Score(s)

Polygenic Score (PGS) ID PGS Name PGS Publication (PGP) ID Reported Trait Mapped Trait(s) (Ontology) Number of Variants PGS Scoring File (FTP Link)
PGS000039 metaGRS_ischaemicstroke PGP000027
Abraham G et al. Nat Commun (2019)
Ischaemic stroke Ischemic stroke

PGS Performance Metrics

Disclaimer: The performance metrics are displayed as reported by the source studies. It is important to note that metrics are not necessarily comparable with each other. For example, metrics depend on the sample characteristics (described by the PGS Catalog Sample Set [PSS] ID), phenotyping, and statistical modelling. Please refer to the source publication for additional guidance on performance.

PGS Performance Metric ID
Evaluated Score PGS Sample Set ID
Performance Source Trait PGS Effect Sizes
(per SD change)
PGS Classification Metrics Other Metrics Covariates Included in the Model PGS Performance: Other Relevant Information
PPM000091 PGS000039 (metaGRS_ischaemicstroke) PSS000058 PGP000027
Abraham G et al. (2019)
Reported Trait: Ischaemic stroke before age 75 HR: 1.26[1.22, 1.31] C-index: 0.585[0.574, 0.595] Sex, genotyping chip, 10 PCs

Evaluated Samples

PGS Sample Set ID
Phenotype Definitions and Methods Participant Follow-up Time Sample Numbers Age of Study Participants Sample Ancestry Additional Ancestry Description Cohort(s) Additional Sample/Cohort Information
PSS000058 Prevalent and incident Ischaemic stroke; defined in Mean = 6.3 years
Sd = 1.9 years
  • 3,075 cases
  • , 392,318 controls
45.7 % Male samples
Mean = 54.3 years European UKB Validation set